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6th August 2014

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When In ROAM →


When in ROAM: Audio Postcards from the Four Corners of the Globe

Around the world in 20 minutes we go!

At ROAM we are no strangers to the intoxicating experiences of wanderlust. And that is why this month, as the summer bids farewell, we challenged…

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13th June 2014

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ROAM, Me Worry?: A Gut-Busting Grab-bag of Sonic Sight Gags →


Q: Knock, knock.
A: Who’s there?
A: ROAM who?
Q: How the ROAM should I know!?… (cough)

For this month’s gut-busting episode the ROAM staff, in collaboration with legendarily off-color talk radio personality Cap’n Stan Beastin™, asked our group of sound comedians and…

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2nd January 2014

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On New Year’s Day 2014 Roam–a new monthly podcast series curated by David Matysiak, engineered by Mason Brown, and conceptualized by Devin Brown–will present its annual winter Coco Art audio compilation Roam 4 the Holidaze. The fifth installment in an ongoing series that began in winter 2009, Roam 4 the Holidaze 5 features recordings by 26 musicians, artists, and everyday field recordists who hail from parts as near as Metro Atlanta and as geographically far afield as Israel and India.

Unlike in years past, Matysiak challenged contributors to isolate “found sounds” captured in 2013 and to use this documentary material to craft their sonic submissions. Matysiak’s intention was to create an aural time capsule of sorts, a document of idiosyncratic and highly personal moments from the past year that listeners can train their attentions to as they look forward to what awaits them in 2014.

But these new criteria for submissions are not the only new additions to this year’s Roam 4 the Holidaze compilation. Instead of presenting the collection as a series of discrete tracks as they have done in the past, Matysiak and Mason Brown have instead carefully sequenced and segued all of the submissions into a single, continuous listening experience.

Clocking in at just under one hour, Roam 4 the Holidaze 5 invites listeners to explore the time-bound environments, moods, and textures that each of its contributors have captured and manipulated while emphasizing also the ways in which these experiences are themselves interconnected as reflections of a tightly-webbed community of artists, musicians, documentarians, and friends.

Roam 4 the Holidaze 5 also inaugurates the new Roam podcast series, which will release a theme-driven audio journey ten times per year on the first Monday of every month. (A summer installment of Roam will be released in July/August and Roam for the Holidaze will return in its sixth iteration in January of 2015.)

Roam’s next podcast, “To Roam with Love,” will tackle the topics of romance, fidelity, and the variably long and short shelf lives of romantic relationships. It will be released here on February 3rd.

Thank you thank you thank you to all of the amazingly talented and über inspiring collaborators this year:

Cole Alexander
Brandon Betts
Devin Brown
Mason Brown
Frank Broyles
Adam Bruneau
Ian Cone
Nik Fackler
Todd Fink
Dereck Higgins
Jack Hines
Heather Kemp
Zopi Kristjanson
Ingrid Magnuson
David Matysiak
Colin Mee
Andrew Nicholson
Jordan Noel
Lockett Pundt
Katie & Wayne Robertson
Zumi Rosow
Cyrus Shamir
Everett Steele
Thomas Stuart
Dana Swanson
Chelsea Weyler

Roam on.

Check out a found sound comp with submissions by all the members of Hollow Stars. 

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28th December 2013


Straight outta Dunwoody!

Straight outta Dunwoody!

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21st December 2013

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So, I’m tried my hand at playing violin in monk meditation rooms they carved out in the 5th Century. The results are interesting.

SPOILER ALERT: Monks may breakdance in this video. 

There’s more too!

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7th December 2013

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Our bass player:


I went to Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, India. This is an experimental video I did with some of the footage. There’s more here.

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16th October 2013




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9th June 2013


Enjoy your day of rest.

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7th June 2013


Early live version of ‘Foreign Body’

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6th June 2013

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We’re playing ATP!

We’re playing ATP!

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